SIGHT ~ ~ Established 2005 ~ Hagerstown Maryland ~ 301-992-9988
Copyright 2005 ~ All Rights Reserved

is dedicated to the investigation of suspected
paranormal activity by analyzing factual collected data to
substantiate phenomena with science, not superstition.

SIGHT is committed to the research, documentation,
education and investigation of ghostly phenomena recorded
through EVP, digital, film and video photography.

SIGHT, as an organization, upholds no particular religious or
philosophical belief.  Team members collect scientific evidence
to investigate the possibility of an afterlife and use technology
to support the findings. SIGHT recognizes client interest in
proving or disproving paranormal activities they are

SIGHT does not perform cleansings, exorcisms or any other
form of blessing or religious ritual. SIGHT prefers clients seek
their personal religious representatives for that service.
Why should I call SIGHT?

Don't trust your investigation to just anyone.  Some paranormal
groups approach ghost hunting like it's a carnival thrill ride.  WE ARE
NOT thrill seekers though we admit that paranormal things do peak
our scientific interest.  Our main concern is gathering enough
information to be able to advise you fairly in order to help resolve
your situation.  Our bottom line is that
we want to help YOU.


  • SIGHT has done hundreds of investigations since 2005.
    There's nothing like experience when you are dealing with
    something unknown.  Chances are whatever you are dealing
    with, SIGHT has seen it before and knows what to do.  

  • SIGHT has been featured in local papers, magazines and
    TV News at WHAG-TV.
    You can view a few of our news stories HERE.

  • SIGHT MEMBERS have been Guest Speakers at Local High
    Schools, AARP, Girls Scout meetings, Youth Camps,
    MENSA, Theatres and Conventions.

  • SIGHT members regularly conduct Ghost Tours,
    Workshops and Demos.  
    We believe in helping to educate others about the growing field
    of paranormal research.

  • INTERESTED in attending or hiring us for a GHOST TOUR
    of Harper's Ferry West Va?  Call us for more details.

  • To learn more about our history click HERE.
"Ectoplasm" is a fog like substance that
occurs when ghosts are trying to manifest.
Actual photo from a Md. home.  No smoke or
fog was present at the time.