SIGHT ~ ~ Established 2005 ~ Hagerstown Maryland ~ 301-992-9988
Copyright 2005 ~ All Rights Reserved

SIGHT has been investigating paranormal activity since 2005 and is
headquartered in Hagerstown, MD. Its two founders, Angela Souders and
Bonnie Morin, started their journey by becoming Certified Paranormal
Investigators. What started as a hobby for them quickly blossomed into a
broader endeavor.

After the two friends successfully earned their titles, they began their
adventure into ghost hunting.  After several years of successful investigations
Bonnie left the group to pursue other interests. Subsequently Angela sought
out and trained a capable crew of assistants. The group has now grown to
include over a dozen investigators all with various specialties. Together the
group has grown into a strong team and With more experience in going into
potentially high energy areas, the members of SIGHT have grown accustomed
to the sometimes scary phenomenon that goes with the territory.

In addition to investigations, SIGHT has participated in guest appearances at
local Schools, local businesses, Mensa gatherings and other groups and events
where they offer helpful workshops, interviews and answer questions for
inquisitive guests. SIGHT has also been featured in local television news

Over the years, SIGHT has encountered a myriad of ghostly data. Photos
showing mysterious silhouettes, videos with paranormal activity (in one
instance, the ghostly song of a child) and other chilling EVP's (Electronic Voice
Phenomena) are part of their findings. EMF Detectors (Electro-Magnetic Field)
and IR (Infra-Red) temperature readings are par for the course in their search
for the unknown.

Not to be outdone, SIGHT is occasionally the focus for the ghosts too. Its
members have had their share of close encounters of the ghostly kind. Some
have had their hair or shirts yanked, their arms and hands grabbed and some
have even been shoved. Still others have been very near unexplained
happenings as they occurred, such as footsteps on stairs, audible voices,
ghostly fog (ectoplasm) or the oppressing heaviness that often goes along
with a "too close for comfort" entity.

It is typical to find the client who asks for SIGHT's help is someone desperately
needing validation. More often than not, they need someone to tell them they
are NOT crazy. SIGHT seeks answers - and the answer is NOT always ghosts.
When something does reveal itself to be supernatural, the majority of people
are able to cope just knowing they are not merely seeing things.

Despite the activity described in initial interviews with clients, SIGHT goes in
with a clean slate, meticulously recording data and later analyzing it to discover
what causes it. Not all of the cases have proven to be ghosts. There is always
the creaking staircase or cold draft that has an origin in the natural, but
whatever the situation, SIGHT will be there to properly gather data, review it
and then report their findings. Though it may not truly be a haunting, they are
ready for it when it is.