SIGHT ~ ~ Established 2005 ~ Hagerstown Maryland ~ 301-992-9988
Copyright 2005 ~ All Rights Reserved

Electronic Voice Phenomena is a process through which
the voices of the dead are captured on audio recordings.


The links below contain ACTUAL Digital Recordings taken during
SIGHT investigations.  These recordings may have been lightened or
enhanced but
NONE have been altered or created artificially.  These
are recordings of what we consider to be evidence of supernatural

*We recommend using headphones to listen to these files.  You
may be shocked by what you hear.

*NOTE: If sound does not play please install the latest version of
QUICKTIME.  If your browser is blocking Active X or scripts then
click "allow blocked content."
"You guys are a bad influence"
This is not an investigator.  This voice was
recorded in an empty room.  Apparently
ghosts can be sarcastic too.
"Welcome To Hell"
Not the friendliest welcome as we entered
the site.  We don't take things like this
"What is it?"
Knowing a child spirit was present we
asked her to talk into the recorder. As she
died in the 1930's she had no idea what a
recording device was.
"Call me Will"
We asked "what is your name?"  The spirit
replied,  "Just call me Will."
"To cheer up things!"
An investigator asked, "Why are you
here?"  The spirit replied  "To cheer up
Some ghosts do not know they have
passed on.  This one tells us he is "dying."
"We Hurt"
A spirit can haunt an area where they
experienced a great amount of suffering.  
This one tells us how much "we hurt."
While setting up a camera a ghost decides
to mock the investigator.  *Note we had a
light array respond at the same time and
the investigator comments on it.
The spirit says a name. *Note the
investigators monitoring a temperature
change at the same time.
Children Playing
In this clip you can hear children playing
and talking however no children were
present at the site when this was
"It was ME"
Our investigator was looking at family
pictures of deceased relatives.  Feeling a
tug on her shirt she turned and asked "Did
you just tug my shirt?"  Then she got this