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Should I be afraid?

Finding out you have a ghost in your home will not mean the spirits
change their routine. Having more information can help.
SIGHT will be
able to assist you in dealing with the issue. This should alleviate your
fears, not escalate them.

Will they become violent towards investigators?

Spirits don't generally react violently to our investigations. They will have
the same dispositions and personalities as they did in life.  If they haven't
tried to hurt anyone before, they won't now.

No one at
SIGHT has ever been attacked like in the movies.
We have been tugged, tapped, touched and/or held, but never harmed.
Unfortunately, Hollywood has given spirits a bad rep.

What happens if the spirits won't leave?

Sometimes spirits feel they have just as much right to be there as you
do. They won't always agree to go. When and if this happens, SIGHT can
advise you how to deal with your supernatural tenants.

Contrary to popular belief, ghosts cannot be "exorcised."

Do I have a demon?

Usually, in the initial interview, SIGHT will be able to determine if the
phenomena suggests demonic activity.  We would refer you to the
religious representative of your choosing.  Clergy are more trained to
deal with these situations.  Note that demonic activity is
extremely rare.
“Courage is not the absence of
fear, but rather the judgement
important than fear.”     
-  Ambrose Redmoon
back down from a fear, the
ghost of that fear never goes
away. It diminishes people."
  -Hugh Jackman