SIGHT ~ ~ Established 2005 ~ Hagerstown Maryland ~ 301-992-9988
Copyright 2005 ~ All Rights Reserved

SIGHT uses an IR Camera System (Infrared Video) to record certain
areas during an investigation.  This system is able to see images even in
pitch dark.  We also use
Digital and Video Cameras to record with.  It
all depends on what is the best choice for a particular investigation.  

The gallery below contains photos taken over the course of our many
years of investigations. These images may have been lightened or
enhanced but
NONE have been altered.  These images are what we
consider to be possible evidence of something paranormal however we
also acknowledge that some may be simple light reflections.

          See for yourself!
Blue Orb - Pic from
a Md. Investigation
Angela encounters an orb in
a Maryland attic bedroom.
Photo shows an entity laying
on a bed in a Maryland home.
Orb photographed at a
Berkley Springs Castle in
West Va.
A contrail is an orb in
motion.  It leaves a streak
sort of like the tail of a comet.
Another orb with a contrail.
Dust moves in one direction
with the flow of air. Notice
this orb is zig-zagging along.
This orb was caught near a
doll house.  Later it was
caught again actually
exploring inside the doll
Ectoplasm is a fog like
substance that appears when
spirits are trying to manifest.
This photo of ectoplasm was
caught at night. Weather
conditions were completely
clear. No fog was present.
This photo of a "full body
apparition" was taken in a
Boston cemetery by a SIGHT
An orb moves through a
Maryland graveyard.  It is
glowing and reflects on the
ground and tombstones.
Orb outside a Harpers Ferry
historic site. It was captured
during sight-seeing and not
an investigation.
A rare photo of an orb and
ectoplasm in one image was
taken near Berkley Springs
West Va.
Orb caught while setting up
cameras prior to a Maryland.
An "Orb in motion" photo. Pic
was taken during a series
where the prior pic showed
Orb in motion in an attic in
Orb in motion in a
Pennsylvania home.
*Note the individual orb
moving in the contrail.
Orb near a painting at a
haunted Maryland house.
Orb in a child's bedroom in a
New York home. (Also see
next pic.)
This client was a young child
seeing "pink wiggly lights" in
her room.  We caught it on
camera. (Same room as
In the same N.Y. home
(above) streaks appear with
an ectoplasm haze.  *Note
the two phenomena in the
same photo.
Orb photo taken in a yard in
Orb in a yard in West Va.

Orb captured on film in a
West Va.back yard.
Dust can create images that are
similar to Orbs.  At
skeptical of any orb photos that do not
adhere to our
guidelines.  To see a
comparison between orbs and dust