SIGHT ~ ~ Established 2005 ~ Hagerstown Maryland ~ 301-992-9988
Copyright 2005 ~ All Rights Reserved
NO, you are NOT crazy!
We have talked to hundreds of people just like you who have experienced
things they cannot explain.  We will always be open and honest with you
based on our knowledge and experience about what may be causing you
concern.  We not only search for ghosts.  We search for
the truth.  

Call us for a for a FREE phone consultation and speak to an experienced
investigator. We will discuss your concerns and advise you on what to do

If further action is needed we will schedule a visit to your home to meet
with you for an interview.  This normally takes 1-2 hours.  It is our chance
to address your concerns face to face and learn more about the situation.  
Based on the activity
SIGHT will advise if an investigation of your location
is recommended


After the interview we will decide what equipment will work best for the
type of investigation needed.  The environment is also a determining
factor. (Example: In an outdoor situation an IR (Infrared) Thermometer
wouldn't be as helpful in recording variations in temperature.)

Based on the information collected, a plan is made and a date then
scheduled for the second phase of the Investigation. We will go to your
house, building or location and begin to measure and record using that

The investigation normally takes 6-8 hours and usually begins at dusk.  It
is your choice if you want to be present or not. During the investigation all
lights and appliances at the site will be turned OFF to avoid interference
with our equipment.

A Field Investigation Includes the following equipment:

  • Infrared (IR) Video Cameras

  • Digital Cameras

  • Tri-Field Meters

  • Electromagnetic (EMF) Detectors

  • Infrared Thermometers

  • Digital Sound Recordings for EVPs
(Electronic Voice Phenomena)

  • Misc. Tools (Parabolic Dish, Static Boxes, Heat
    sensitive mat, etc.)

Each Field Investigation is Tailored to Your Personal Needs!


Objects move on their own - Video Cameras would be placed in that

Perhaps you have felt 'cold spots' - We will use an Infrared Thermometer
and Electromagnetic Meter in that room or space.

If you are hearing voices - We will spend more time using Digital Voice
Recording for any EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena.)

After all the data is collected, our trained team of investigators will sort
through the gathered information and will isolate unexplained or obvious
paranormal occurrences. In an urgent situation we will do our best to
exedite this process.

Once all the data is analyzed we will then arrange to return to your location
to report what our findings revealed. We will categorize your report as

  • Conclusive - Enough data is collected to support the haunt.
  • Inconclusive - NOT enough data is collected to support the haunt.
  • Unsupported - NO data is collected to support the haunt.

In the case of an INCONCLUSIVE investigation, further investigation is
needed to validate or clarify a recorded piece of information.  If we feel
more research is needed we will let you know.

SIGHT will always be respectful and attentive to your schedule
and mindful of your situation.
SIGHT conducts an